We specialize in three major areas of huge importance to business:

  • Systems Integration
  • Business Process Engineering
  • Information Management Systems

The combination of our experiences, technologies, and methodologies allow us to help you achieve your goals, faster, with less cost, and at the highest levels of Quality.



Aries Professional Services
A new way of delivering a successful project each and every time.

How can we make this claim?

For more than a decade now, using our team’s combined industry experience, Aries has developed an extremely advanced set of technologies (ACE) and methodologies (our Technology Set) specifically designed to allow us to consistently deliver projects successfully. See some of our past projects.


How Does Aries Deliver?

We are able to deliver a successful project each time and every time, because we focus on our clients' formal requirements, and most importantly, hidden needs! We undertake the extra effort required to truly understand the bsusiness drivers for those needs. Doing this the right way (the Aries way), positively affects the results of the Planning phase, which then cascades to the other project phases.

With our Technology Set we are able to quickly accelerate and deliver what matters most to the stake holders, the tangible deliverable or POC that can be iterated on. Once we reach this stage, we are able to iterate through a cycle of "is this what you need?", until the stake holder concurs with complete satisfaction.


The Aries Way vs. The Typical Process

Although there are always exceptions, in most cases projects fail because of any combination of time, money, or critical resources that are no longer available. Perhaps this sounds like a simplistic way of describing an extremely serious and costly event, yet if you think back and reduce the causes of any failed project you will find that it ends up to be true. Essentially going back to the traditional pyramid of project components.

When any of these key components are off, the entire structure is off balance. Unfortunately, the Typical Project Process stacks the deck against us. Why? because in today's competitive markets, change is rapid and constant. You can be assured some sort of event will affect any key component. "A recent set of studies published by McKinsey Quarterly provides further evidence that the bigger they are the harder they fall." -- Mark P. McDonald. This is typically why McKinsey reports that more than 66% of IT Projects fail!

Aries feels we need to work together to change this alarming rate. Our Technology Set allows us to dramatically boost and enhance any IT teams' ability to keep up with business demands and deliver projects successfully each time, every time.

We do this by first working with our clients' teams to define and standardize IT methodology. Next we use our Technology Set help accelerate specific efforts so that we have more time to go through testing, QA, UAT, and client reviews and edits.

The result is a successful Aries project every time.

On average Aries is able to help deliver projects in less time, higher quality and at a much lower cost than traditional consulting firms.

Our expertise is focused on the following areas of discipline:

  • Integration
  • Information Management Systems
  • Business Process Engineering


Allow Us The Opportunity To Show You

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See what we can do

We can show you how we can make the efforts you have been putting off more viable..
We can show you how we deliver on the following:

  • Deliver in a fraction of the time
  • Reduce Effort and Cost
  • Increase Consistency
  • Increase Quality
  • Repeatable Process

The Office

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Case Studies Using Real Projects


To illustrate the benefits of the Aries process vs the traditional process we have compiled some real world comparisons. We did this using projects which employed both traditional waterfall mythologies and as wll as using Agile methodologies. The Aries process fits best in the Agile methodology because of the rapid sequence of events and real time feedback.

CASE: Health Record System

This system is designed to provide a portal for patients to keep track of their medical treatments, doctors visits, and medications all in one place.

Traditional Agile Project 287


  • Time To First Round Of Testing: 11 months
  • Time To Production: 28 months
  • # of QA & Acceptance Cycles: 13
  • Total # of Defects First QA Cycle: 102
  • Total # of Defects To Production: 214


Some of Our Past Projects

Over the years we have helped many of our clients achieve their technology goals and needs. Below is a short listing of some of those projects.

Some of Our Solutions

Aries has a series of technologies which help us deliver scalable, reliable solutions in extremely short time lines, at a fraction of the cost. This gives our customers a competitive edge. These technologies (software) focus on key aspects of a typical IT Project Life Cycle.