Siera offers the most comprehensive centralized Business Management System available. The Siera system was architected and designed from the ground up to be process driven, enabling extreme flexibility in system flows and configuration. Furthermore, since we know there are times when other systems are preferred for specific business functions, we built Siera to be fully integratable. This means you have the choice of using Siera's CRM, ERP or CMS, or you can just connect Siera to the application of your choice. Our open APIs will allow Siera to connect, link and interact with almost any other system.

We then went one significant step further and took advantage of our centralized processes and information to provide functionality that today's systems struggle to deliver without major project cycles. Yes - Siera can leverage its centralized architecture to facilitate enterprise information and intelligence sharing, derived from its unique, centralized metadata, with any other disparate system.

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ACE is an advanced application development tool. It's NOT a replacement for popular IDEs such as the powerful Visual Studio by Microsoft, or Eclipse for Java. It's designed to be an ACCELERATOR. The effort required to develop UI code, data classes, CRUD operations and standard application flows can now be templated and setup automatically, with coding based on user defined standards and conventions. ACE is also more than a just standard code generator, because of its powerful scripting engine. This scripting engine facilitates the representation of very complex configurations and generates a code base for which very little additional effort is required to bring the end solution to life.

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Using the power of ACE, our team of experts can help create, support, and maintain your code base at a fraction of what it costs you today. The knowledge base and skill sets of our support team enables a customer oriented, worry free transition into this new, much more efficient paradigm of solution delivery.

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