Introducing SIERA - MBAS

SIERA - MBAS built for larger organizations. SIERA is a powerful Information Management System designed to eliminate the effects of silo systems. With SIERA you can manage your entire operation, and easily integrate and quickly modify it to meet your organization's needs.

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SIERA is a large, centralized system, 9 years in the making that addresses all of your organization's functional needs.

  • Over 25 Functional Areas
  • Real-Time Analytics & BI
  • On Site or in The Cloud
  • Master Process
  • Master Data
  • Easy Integration
  • Open API

Within SIERA there are several key intelligence engines that leverage the centralized architecture and metadata to create links, associations, and relationships between data points. This enables SIERA to provide very unique functionality, which is a key differentiator of our product from the rest of the industry. These key differentiators are all provided in addition to the typical functionality expected from more advanced ERP, CRM, and other systems used to run your organization.

SIERA Key Differentiators:

  • Intelligent Relationships

    SIERA intelligence engines leverage the centralized architecture and metadata to create links, associations, and relationships between data points.

  • Centralization & Standardization

    Like MDM, SIERA standardizes and eliminates duplication, unlike MDM however, SIERA also takes the approach of centralizing both information and process in one place.

  • Real-Time Business Monitoring

    SIERA enables you to ask questions like why, what, how and who, and delivers all of this intelligence in the form of alerts, instrument panels, dashboards and more.

  • Reporting & Analytics

    SIERA provides advanced BI functionality in real-time and near real-time, if required.

Last but not least, SIERA’s industry specific applications - manufacturing, medical, retail and others, provides you, the customer, a 360 degree view of your organization's processes, information and events.

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See what SIERA can do

Let us show off SIERA, and all of the power it can bring to your organization:

  • Over 25 Functional Areas
  • Real-Time Analytics & BI
  • On Site or in The Cloud
  • Master Process
  • Master Data
  • Easy Integration
  • Open API

The Office

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  • Phone: (877) 262-2830
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To address the complex system problem within the Enterprise, we took the approach of Mastering the Business Process.

The Master Business Administration System (MBAs).

Taking a different approach from the concepts of MDM, MBAs look first to Master Process, both the people and business processes as well as the systems and technologies. Thus Siera has a more complete (life-cycle) view of the entire dataset, and therefore Siera understands how the data is used throughout the business process. The Siera system captures, cleanses, and de-duplicates like MDM, however it also continues the process by creating, integrating, and linking the data to the source systems. Then, it further enhances the business value by providing intelligence and analytic capabilities based on business rules similar to Big Data.

The Siera approach provides the business with a holistic view of the information across all environments and across the entire data life-cycle. It incorporates the business process so that every function and every event is captured. Therefore, Siera MBAs understands the entire business, not just a single function, and knows the “why's” and the “what's” of how information is used - giving business the ability to derive knowledge from information.



SIERA has over 25 functional areas or modules,

  • There are two Sales & Marketing areas. One has extended functionality over the other.
    • CRM
    • Affiliate/Partner Management
    • Advertising Management
    • Marketing Analytics
    • Marketing Campaign Management
  • Resource Planning
    • Process & Workflow Management
    • Accounting
    • Product Development
    • Project Management
    • Warehousing
    • Inventory Management
    • Manufacturing
  • Customer Service
    • Call Center
    • Support Ticketing
  • Commerce
    • EDI
    • eCommerce
    • POS
    • Fulfillment
    • Warehousing
  • Reports & Analytics
    • Dashboards
    • Reports
    • Predictive Alerts & Reports
  • HRIS (Workforce Management)
    • Time & Attendance
    • Resource Performance
    • Scheduling
    • Job Posting
    • Document Management
  • Web Management
    • Analytics
    • Social Media
    • Affiliate & Partner
    • PR & Press
    • Customer Support
    • Content Management
  • Vendor Management
    • Schedule Orders
    • PO & Order Management
    • RFP, RFQ & Bid Management
    • Assessment & Reviews
  • Business Planning & Forecasting
    • Business Performance
    • Analytics
    • Reports
  • Process Management
    • Process Management
    • Document Management
    • Workflow
    • Reporting & Analytics
  • Project Management
    • Workforce
    • Requirements Management
    • Task & Scheduling

The combination of these modules, along with your important processes, will produce the end solution for each instance of Siera. Also, the depth and breath of the combination of these modules allows Siera to benefit almost any organization.

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