Aries Seira Commerce

Most effective and comprehensive Commerce platform on the market. Seira Commerce combines into one place all the components a business needs to succeed. Seira accelerates any market presence with amazing Features, Functionality, Scalability and Analytics.

Your Business Gets;

  • an insight into their organization which they normally could not get from any cost effective solution before,
  • ability to scale and grow fast,
  • flexibility to put in place the process their business needs to run efficiently,
  • agility to move as fast as their market moves so that they can maximize profits by controlling costs,
  • gain insight and preview to what their customers wants in real time based on specialized components which produce forward looking analytics.

Components you need,
Seira Commerce comes with a series of core components to help you define and implement your business with. Unlike other systems, Seira does not confine you to any pre-set boundaries. What it does give you is the building blocks to build with.

This is a huge shift in how it's done by the industry today. Since now, we help you automate, and stream line your process without having to adjust and change it because of the limitations of a pre-packaged system. Our building blocks allow you to define, and quickly implement as if you had a custom solution built specific to your needs.

The Commerce package includes the following:

Optional Components are:
As with any component in Seira, each represents an organization of both data and functionality. If an existing system is present that is doing the job for your organization, we can still master the data within Seira to give you the power of the features we bring.

In addition, we can feed back to that source system information in a way that allows that system to take advantage of the intelligence Seira provides. This involves our Integration modules.