The SIERA Master Business Administration System (MBAS) is a complete business management system. Designed from the ground up to master both process and data, it is a revolutionary, first of a kind system, which centralizes the management of all business operations on a single technology platform.

  • Adapts to YOUR business process
  • Integrates easily with almost any of your existing systems (open API)
  • Affordable for small business & scalable to enterprise

SIERA MBAS  - the power and clarity to run your organization from a single platform!

  • CRM (Customer Relations Manager): With SIERA MBAS we deliver a powerful system for you to manage customer relationships. Easily integrated into your other systems, SIERA will not only do what traditional CRM systems do, but it can also deliver insight into customer purchasing patterns and post sales events thereby allowing you to do more with increased analytics than ever before.

  • AnalyticsWith a powerful built in integration layer which is enhanced with multiple functional modules, one of the most powerful features of SIERA is its ability to derive intelligence from data. This ability is further enhanced with built in and integrated alerts, along with a real time tickler system, all of which are packaged with its real time analytics engine. Configured to your specific needs, SIERA Analytics receives real time alerts based on your business drivers, and reduces the need for post event static reporting. These real time results visualized with your choice of in house reporting, BI or data visualization tools. Today, we offer QlikView as our primary BI tool, however, any of the others tools on the market may be used.

  • ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning): SIERA combines more than 25 different functional modules to deliver a new age of ERP solution. Instead of just combining different software components, each with their own individual data schema, the common SIERA MBAS core schema(database) facilitates all the features and functionality required by an ERP solution and so much more. As a result of this single schema, the ability to gather enhanced intelligence for decision makers is far improved. Additionally, the added functional areas allows SIERA MBAS to deliver more than just an ERP focused solution. It delivers a more complete set of functionality which meets and exceeds any any of the existing business management system capabilities in today's market.

  • eCommerce: Commerce is one of the pillars of SIERA MBAS. The ability to present an offering and then convert that presentation into a transaction is one of the primary focii of SIERA MBAS. As such, we took a great deal of time to enable this ability in all of the modules. We further understood that in some businesses it's necessary to sell to organizations (B2B) as well as individuals (B2C), andfor this reason our commerce engine allows for both B2B and B2C sales. With all of the typical features of traditional commerce systems on the market, SIERA MBAS also adds a closely integrated marketing automation system, to cover both sales and marketing as well the operational aspects of eCommerce. Providing the ability to link advertisements, affiliate and partner programs, as well as MLM and mobile sale systems, all tightly woven together, provides for an powerful business system. This offers customers a seamless transition from shopping, to purchasing and finally receiving their goods or services.

  • Master Data Management (MDM): We feel the concepts and principals of MDM stem from the effects of data silos which came about from multiple single solution systems used by businesses. From the start, Aries realized that each of these key business areas held critical data points for a business to maintain, grow and compete in the market place. This core principal drives SIERA MBAS to be an extremely sophisticated data management system designed to be complete, yet flexible. How we view data is a little different than most MDM systems. We are not just focused on the individual records. What we are also looking for is why, what, where, when and how, records are created by each linked source system. This is why we created an robust integration layer designed to ingest large amounts of data along with their associated intelligence. This allows data flow in and out of SIERA MBAS to execute with an overlay of intelligence to it. Enabling greater intelligence to be captured and distributed, this integration layer also allows us to isolate the intelligence within the confines of each source system. What this means is that  different analytic processes can now be run against this data, in a more targetted, intelligent manner. This also facilitates the sharing of purchasing patterns with sales and marketing systems. Interested to learn more, watch this presentation..


What is SIERA MBAS, why can it do so much?

MBAS stands for Master Business Administration System. Why MBAS? Because it's believed that an MBA has the knowledge needed to help a person run a business, SIERA is the "S" or System component to help that person.

SIERA MBAS is a very large data management system designed to facilitate all business operations. The success of any SIERA MBAS implementation is dependent on definition of two primary foundational components.

  • Business Process
  • Data

These two components drive all  aspects of a SIERA MBAS implementation. Additionally, since SIERA MBAS is driven by process (business functional layer), modification to flow and process sequence can be achieved dynamically. This enables us to meet more than 90% of the functionality needed in any implementation. We did not stop there. Understanding that each business is unique and that we needed to allow for an easy and quick way to make more profound changes in how things work and flow in SIERA MBAS we created what we call a business programmatic functional layerwhich is architected to be easily modified and distributed when necessary; making it easy for us to quickly and easily meet the business system needs of any business.

With this architectural approach, SIERA MBAS is not focused on one particular solution like ERP, CRM or others, its focus is on process and data. It is because of this fundamental way of thinking that empowers us to deliver SIERA MBAS to any business for almost any functional area they need it in. WATCH A VIDEO ON SIERA MBAS!


How is SIERA MBAS delivered?

SIERA MBAS comes in multiple versions but primarily it's delivered via cloud or on premise installation. Each instance of SIERA MBAS is unique to each customer. It's designed to be affordable to the smallest of companies, yet have the scalability enterprise expects and requires. For this reason, most SIERA MBAS implementations come in a hybrid of cloud and on premise implementations.

Steps for a SIERA MBAS implementation:

  1. Aries Teams conduct a business assessment of technology, process, and needs of Clients' Business: We essentially visit with your teams to best understand what you do and how you do it. We create a set of documentations which our engineers use to configure and setup SIERA MBAS once we get to the deployment steps.
  2. Aries Teams with our Client Teams create an implementation plan and schedule: Together we layout when different components come on line, when older systems are deprecated, and much more. A detailed schedule defines how and when things come on line to provide the greatest level of stability and security.
  3. Aries Teams and Client perform post production health checks and fine tune components to best meeting Client expectations: Once we are live, we don't stop. We keep asking "is this the best we can do?", "Can we do better?" . In addition, many times as clients being to see the stream of information, they may realize there were other analytics and pieces of information they would like to see, or they see a way of stream lining a process to improve efficiencies. So we are there to help adjust and improve as needed.


What does SIERA MBAS Cost?

From the start, we design SIERA MBAS to be affordable at all stages of a business. For this reason, we price SIERA MBAS based on business needs and system implementation complexity. Further, the pricing is broken into two parts, an implementation fee, and an software cost. With all the functionality and automation SIERA MBAS offers, most clients typically recover their investment cost within 24 months from savings and sales growth. This makes SIERA MBAS affordable to all organizations of any size or industry, from startup, to enterprise; from non-profit to multinationals.


SOME keY features of Siera

  • Active Real Time Data Awareness:

    SIERA MBAS is always watching and learning, and provides you event driven alerts based on your rules.

  • Intelligent Event and Data Linking:

    SIERA MBAS, in real time, links events in the system with data being captured. What this means is that you can now know the "How",  "Why" and "Who" of our data, not just the "What".

  • Expansive Integration:

    At its core, SIERA MBAS is designed to work in a variety of ecosystems. It can work as a standalone system, in parallel with other systems, or with tightly integrated with other systems. Siera comes with large toolbox of integration APIs which facilitate very complex integration configurations.



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To address the complex system problem within the Enterprise, we took the approach of Mastering the Business Process.

The Master Business Administration System (MBAs).

Taking a different approach from the concepts of MDM, MBAs look first to Master Process, both the people and business processes as well as the systems and technologies. Thus Siera has a more complete (life-cycle) view of the entire dataset, and therefore Siera understands how the data is used throughout the business process. The Siera system captures, cleanses, and de-duplicates like MDM, however it also continues the process by creating, integrating, and linking the data to the source systems. Then, it further enhances the business value by providing intelligence and analytic capabilities based on business rules similar to Big Data.

The Siera approach provides the business with a holistic view of the information across all environments and across the entire data life-cycle. It incorporates the business process so that every function and every event is captured. Therefore, Siera MBAs understands the entire business, not just a single function, and knows the "why's" and the "what's" of how information is used - giving business the ability to derive knowledge from information.






SIERA MBAS has over 25 functional areas or modules,

  • There are two Sales & Marketing areas. One has extended functionality over the other.
    • CRM
    • Affiliate/Partner Management
    • Advertising Management
    • Marketing Analytics
    • Marketing Campaign Management
  • Resource Planning
    • Process & Workflow Management
    • Accounting
    • Product Development
    • Project Management
    • Warehousing
    • Inventory Management
    • Manufacturing
  • Customer Service
    • Call Center
    • Support Ticketing
  • Commerce
    • EDI
    • eCommerce
    • POS
    • Fulfillment
    • Warehousing
  • Reports & Analytics
    • Dashboards
    • Reports
    • Predictive Alerts & Reports
  • HRIS (Workforce Management)
    • Time & Attendance
    • Resource Performance
    • Scheduling
    • Job Posting
    • Document Management
  • Web Management
    • Analytics
    • Social Media
    • Affiliate & Partner
    • PR & Press
    • Customer Support
    • Content Management
  • Vendor Management
    • Schedule Orders
    • PO & Order Management
    • RFP, RFQ & Bid Management
    • Assessment & Reviews
  • Business Planning & Forecasting
    • Business Performance
    • Analytics
    • Reports
  • Process Management
    • Process Management
    • Document Management
    • Workflow
    • Reporting & Analytics
  • Project Management
    • Workforce
    • Requirements Management
    • Task & Scheduling

The combination of these modules, along with your important processes, will produce the end solution for each instance of Siera. Also, the depth and breath of the combination of these modules allows Siera to benefit almost any organization.